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Hand built grills, made in Great Britain

Ox Grills have been brilliant to work with.  They took the time to listen to our requirements, really understanding the demands of a busy kitchen.  They’ve designed and installed an amazing piece of kit which is a joy to work on.  The grill is of the highest quality and is easy to control so that we are able to get a wonderful result when cooking both meat and fish.  I’m so glad we worked with Ox Grills and hope to do so again in the future.


Ox grills - The Dubai Ox

Commercial Grills

We love working with Chefs and designers to create the perfect grill, individual and unique to your specification, whether it be a particular size, adding a brasero, chapa, rotisserie or maybe a smoke box/hood.

Ox Grills - British Made Residential Grills

Residential Grills

Our residential grills are made to the same standard as our restaurant products using the highest marine grade stainless steel, which means it can live happily outside in all weathers without degrading. An Ox Grill allows you to cook like a pro for a crowd with plenty of grilling surface.  You also have complete control over your cooking temperature by raising and lowering the grills over the heat via the side wheel. You can cook with wood as well as charcoal for maximum flavour.

Ox Grills - Build Your Own Grill


Our GrillBuilder™ tool allows you to create your very own Ox Grill, based on designs that we have created with many talented Chefs, from Michelin stars to street food superheroes, and award-winning landscape architects. Choose your size, number of grill beds, grilling surface and base units. Have fun!

Ox Grills - Grill Bed Options

Grill Bed Options

Choose your grilling surface, they are all interchangeable, from Gridiron®, circular bars, v-grooves or a plancha made from marine grade 316 stainless steel.


We design and build exceptional quality wood and charcoal barbecue grills, used by some of the best chefs around the world. 

Based on an Argentine grill design, we make both commercial BBQ grills for restaurants, bespoke custom BBQ grills and large built in BBQ grills for outdoors.

INTERNATIONAL ENQURIES:  please complete our online form or contact us at info@oxgrills.co.uk or call us on either 01789 263 799.